Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that balances and realigns energy and activates the body's own healing powers. It also reduces stress, increases energy and focus and can enhance creativity.

Coming from ancient Tibet and re-discovered by Mikao Usui, it taps into the Universal Life Energy and is based on the Traditional Energy Theory (Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki), which incorporates the meridian system of energy pathways running through the body.

Reiki is not massage, it is non-manipulative and channeled through the practitioners hands, which helps direct the energy to where it is needed. It can also be send long distance, without having the receiving party present.

Reiki is very relaxing, comforting and feels good. Some people experience a deep meditative state, some fall asleep and others become recharged and energized during a treatment. It is perfect for stress release since it allows to give up the pressures of daily life for an hour and allow the mind to quiet down.

Reiki is recommended as a treatment before and after surgery and is very helpful during illness to be used along with other conventional Western treatments. It is recommended even if you feel perfectly healthy, to help maintain the energy balance which can help prevent illness and injury.

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