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I offer Reiki treatments as table treatment, chair treatment or long distance. Table and chair treatments are done hands-on, the receiving party stays fully clothed. With animals the treatment will take place in whichever position is most comfortable for the animal.

Table treatment (Massage table)
60 to 90 minutes
$65 per session or $180 for 3 sessions purchased in advance

Chair Treatment
approx. 30 minutes
$35 per session or $90 for 3 sessions purchased in advance

Animal Reiki
treatment duration will depend on animal and level of comfort. Any animal can receive Reiki (i.E. dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, rats, cows, goats, sheep, ponies, turtles....)
$35 per session or $90 for 3 sessions purchased in advance 
Long Distance Reiki
Reiki can be sent long distance to any person or animal anywhere in the world. It is channeled by knowing the exact name and location of receiving party (and with a photo if possible). 
$30 for 30 minutes 

Aromatherapy Soy Candles
Coming Soon - Stay tuned

I can accept all major credit cards through Square and my verified Paypal account. Also accept Venmo, Checks, Moneyorders and Cash. :)